Now Smell This – Pink Haze Review

hocb-pink-haze-23s“Like House of Cherry Bomb’s Cardamom Rose and Tobacco Cognac, Pink Haze cleverly paints an entire scene using relatively few elements. It opens with the stone and metal notes. They are cool and slightly chilly, and surprisingly realistic, evoking rain-damp sidewalks and shady stone stoops. After about twenty minutes, however, the entire tone of the fragrance changes. There’s an unexpected shift from mineral to floral notes, as if you had just walked down a cobblestoned alley between towering warehouses and found yourself entering a hidden private garden. The green-tinged lily of the valley and the soapy-powdery lilac are most noticeable, so it must be a spring garden; I think I can also catch a breath of freesia in the mix. The honeysuckle and beeswax emerge later, like a premonition of summer, and add some warmth….”

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PINK HAZE – Perfume created for the PLP Project


PINK HAZE is the scent of tree lined Brooklyn streets, of stone buildings,

both old and new, and of the hot metal of subway cars. It is the heady yet

ephemeral scent of gardens blooming with lily of the valley, gardenia,

lilac and honeysuckle on early summer nights. It is beauty of light

haze tinting the sky pink, and the energy of throngs of people. It

captures the old elegance of the city while regaling the modernity and

change of our neighborhoods. It is the scent of our Brooklyn- artistic,

musical, inspiring, beautiful….equal parts classic and new, as is this city

we live in.

Notes: Lilac, Mouget, Gardenia, Stone, Metal, Cedar Wood, Honeysuckle.




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EauMG reviews House of Cherry Bomb Cardamom Rose EDP Perfume


“It opens with neroli, tangerines and a subtle spicy warmth. If the opening were a color, it’d be the orange/rust shades found in a blood orange peel. It wears as a citrus-cardamom with pretty citrus blossom florals. The rose appears in the heat; yet, it isn’t “rosey”. The rose is sheer and only intensifies the citrus in the perfume. It dries down to a slightly “steamy” or humid neroli.”


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