PINK HAZE – Perfume created for the PLP Project


PINK HAZE is the scent of tree lined Brooklyn streets, of stone buildings,

both old and new, and of the hot metal of subway cars. It is the heady yet

ephemeral scent of gardens blooming with lily of the valley, gardenia,

lilac and honeysuckle on early summer nights. It is beauty of light

haze tinting the sky pink, and the energy of throngs of people. It

captures the old elegance of the city while regaling the modernity and

change of our neighborhoods. It is the scent of our Brooklyn- artistic,

musical, inspiring, beautiful….equal parts classic and new, as is this city

we live in.

Notes: Lilac, Mouget, Gardenia, Stone, Metal, Cedar Wood, Honeysuckle.




We are thrilled to announce our House of Cherry Bomb Etsy store, where we are featuring our collection of hand created Atelier Scents. These fragrances are hand blended with rare and vintage oils, and are very limited.

Please click the link below to purchase Cardamom Rose, Tobacco Cognac, Violet Green Tea Honeysuckle and Tuberose Tobacco Cognac:

EauMG reviews House of Cherry Bomb Cardamom Rose EDP Perfume


“It opens with neroli, tangerines and a subtle spicy warmth. If the opening were a color, it’d be the orange/rust shades found in a blood orange peel. It wears as a citrus-cardamom with pretty citrus blossom florals. The rose appears in the heat; yet, it isn’t “rosey”. The rose is sheer and only intensifies the citrus in the perfume. It dries down to a slightly “steamy” or humid neroli.”


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Jessica Stam by  Solve Sundsbo for Vogue Italy 20081044970_10151795156158013_1640852932_nThe Non-Blonde HOUSE OF CHERRY BOMB- CARDAMOM ROSE

“While there is an almost foody reference to the spice facet of Cardamom Rose (a Moroccan pudding? an Indian dessert?), it is not sweet at all. There’s nothing loukhoumish about this House Of Cherry Bomb creation and it never veers into “yummy”, just warm and inviting. If I were to continue with my fabric reference I’d say that this silk charmeuse is an antique rose color with warm brownish undertones. It’s a perfect color for the warm season but also a delightful accent to the black and gray of a winter wardrobe. It puts some much-needed color in my cheeks….”

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